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We can say that the XXI century is already a digital era.

As Charles Darwin said "... the species that survive are the ones that are able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which they find themselves".


Digital technology has changed our lives but also businesses, being necessary  to integrate these changes in all areas of the company, including the employees training.

On the other hand, Entrepreneurs are looking for successful case studies to role model or imitate them in order to learn from successufl people. This trend is increasing the search of this type of programs, to the detriment, for example, of the traditional Business Schools offer.

This type of e-learning courses offer:

  • A personal and successful experience taught through a proven methodology that works as per it results.

  • Quick access to platforms and resources at any time of video classes, tutorials, downloadble documents, etc.

  • Affordable prices

  • Taylord  courses based on specific needs.

This is the reason why Betop e-Learning has borned from the hand of Paula Tamarit (, who as entrepreneur has an extended experience of what works and what doesn't, thanks to the different entrepreneurship projects that has launched.

Paula as entrepreneur has launched five different business in nine years, being Betop Business one of them. She is also Proffessor in different Business Schools and has also a background of working for fifteen years in the Corporate world.  

During all her proffessional carreer has always kept learning, in Business Schools studying marketing and communications prorgams as well as an Executive MBA, as well as learning from other entrepreneurs by doing their courses in order to apply all this knowledge to her different projects.

After all this process she can today say that has succeeded, being this the moment she decided to start teaching to other entrepreneurs and business people, what she has learnt.

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