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Betop Sales division is specialized in international sales,  working directly with Sellers and Buyers to offer the best options from all around the world.

In order to succeed in this task, we work directly with both sides of the commercial transaction: the Seller and the Buyer, studying their needs and objectives, helping them to find the best products/services as well as products and suppliers from all around the world, looking for the right customers and closing for them profitable commercial deals.


To achieve these results, we have developed a specific methodology that allows us to have important results, measured by the increase in sales of the company.


"Working with Betop Betopbusiness has provided my Company 

to open to a new and interesting market like the Spanish one,

with very good results." 

Tim  Cuntan

Sales Manager. Helybron


Internationalization Strategy

Many strategic decisions have to be made prior to the decision to operate across borders.

Five strategies have to be designed in order to succeed in this task, which are:  identify needs, design market strategies, define target strategies, allocation strategies, timing and coordination strategies. 

In Betop Sales we work with you to define the best strategy to conquer other markets, and have the results you are pursuing.

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Commercial Consultant

The commercial consultant is the person who will work to help you grow, thanks to attracting clients for you, both nationally and internationally.

This figure is ideal for companies that want to grow and do not want to invest in increasing their own sales force.

Betop Sales is the commercial partner on both the buyer and seller sides, as we work cross-selling strategies, seeking clients for both parties.


Sales Representative

Outsource your sale force is sometimes an efficient and effective alternative to reach a specific market with success, as hiring dedicated staff is always costly, specially if the return on investment is yet unknown. 
It is also interesting as this external sales force has normallly contacts and market knowledge that can be useful as shorten the time and resources invested in the sales process. 

Betop Sales collaborates as Business Agents for different companies, representing them along the world, helping them to find the right customer.

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